We are All Musicians.

Unlimited Free Music for Relaxation, Study & Meditation.
No Internet Connection Required.

About Sunshine.FM

Sunshine.FM is a free radio station for your iPhone. We deliver 1000's of relaxing sounds and melodies directly to your phone. All songs are immediately ready for offline play, with a minumum of data charges.

Each day, a new playlist is created based on the most popular songs, curated songs and new material that is made fresh daily. From each song, you can go to the album it came from and save that album to your phone for offline playback.

Songs are compressed to under 5k each and take up very little space. This means you can keep hundreds of albums on your device without having to delete photos or other songs. It can be yours right now, simply go to the App Store and download for free.

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Feel free to email us to provide some feedback. Give us suggestions for new music and sounds, or to just say hello!